I am an writer, actor, vocalist, producer, and someone that really, truly enjoys long lists with a penultimate ending, and Oxford commas.  

I built Shut Up a Second to get over myself.  See, even though I have spent the entirety of my adult life working for your attention, you’ve got me all wrong.

Don’t stress about it, though. It’s not your fault.  

Some people are happy to share their authentic selves their entire lives, without apology or reservation. The others are you and me. Oh, and the first person doesn’t exist.  

It’s only until now – at the glorious intersection of my 40s and what is arguably the biggest watershed moment the world has ever known – I decided that I’m exhausted with giving a F#%^ about what you think.  

I need you to know what I think.  

So, that’s what this blog is about.  I’ll talk, I’ll write poetry, maybe do a vlog if I can get my webmaster to teach me about the video plug-in. She may already have, and I just wasn’t listening.  I’ll ask her, but if she has to repeat herself she’s gonna be pissed.  But I’ll take the risk.  Maybe.  

Either way, I hope you stop by often.