All This, With Just a Bachelor’s Degree

I’ve spent the bulk of the week working on creating new copy for my company’s reopening – we decided to take the tragedy of having a dark stage and turn it into a time for reevaluation, reorganization, and creation. Our company is artist owned and operated, and as an actor and writer I have an opportunity to create characters onstage and copy offstage.

For those of you wondering how I got here:  THIS is what a Communications Degree with a minor in Theatre gets you! Don’t let anyone smirk at your ambiguous academic goals, people.

Anyway, it’s a real stroke of luck to be among the performing artists that are able to actually work. My writing is served by my creativity, so I haven’t had to stop being a theatre person, even if there is no theatre right now.

Continuing to live as an artist has been a blessing. I’m very happy to count it today.