The Gig Economy

Today I performed for the first time in four months. It was a wedding gig my best friend put me on with his band.

When you live and die by scripts and cues, the gig life is such an uncomfortable release. I kept pestering my buddy for information about the set list and what was expected of me, and he kept assuring me that I was going to be just fine, and all I needed to do was have fun.

It was annoying as fuck.

But I’m here now, watching these people celebrate the start of something new between two people, filling the air with elation. I’m sure the White Claw had something to do with the love, but fuck it… whatever gets you there.

Anyway, I see why my friend told me not to worry. This kind of performing is not like a stage show; it’s not about creating an emotion or telling a story. When your at a gig, youre here to give  everyone permission to  ride the wave, and let go.

It’s performing in the present, and I think I’m in  love with it

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