Obligatory Dog Post #1

Now that I’m a big time writer with a blog, I am in the middle of one of those mornings where I’m sipping a contemplative mug of coffee, with my house hoodie (the cardigan of my generation) wrapped around my shoulders, thinking about how much my dog fucking rocks.

It’s this guy in the pic. He’s Archie, a 5 year old Jack Russell Terrier we adopted two years ago. He is, quite simply, fantastic. He has helped me understand patience, vigilance, presence, and the fact that doggie sweaters are cute. as. fuck.

If this is the slippery slope that drops me into writing a cozy little post about my favorite corn chowder, so be it.

I’ll write more on him and how he changes my life all the time … because I hope to one day be, to paraphrase my favorite quote, “half the man he thinks I am.”