Putting it out there

Today marks the end of a month-long challenge to fill this blog with content.  I’ve had the domain for about two years now, and these past 30 days have been the longest I’ve ever been engaged.  It’s been an incredible experience, and I will remember it as the rock from where I finally jumped into my life as a self-identifying writer (let’s just say that’s a thing, and move on to the next beat).

I can’t argue with the fact that “writers write.” Of course they do.  Otherwise they would be called “people who are seriously just thinking about writing at some point, probably.” But, do they share?  Do all writers take their words, crafted from the lumps of our emotions, and ask people to read it??

A painting must be viewed to become art.  Words have to be read to become a story.

So today, I’m going to finally let these words live, and share this site with the world.