Say … What?

I’d like to share a poem I wrote this week.  If you’re not wearing a turtleneck and drinking a small, arrogant cup of coffee right now, go ahead and get suited up.  Then come back:

“Say … What?”

I read I write I live I speak
But what do I

Man, it would be sooooooo
To sit in front of a keyboard
Or Oprah,
And talk to the world about


The undressing of unresting times,
The invention of new conventions,
The Death of the Job
The Rise of the Gig,
Or weird food.

How does that happen, Anyway?
Where do they take applications
For Talking Head,
Renowned Blogger,
Or Pundit?

Does anyone have the link for
“Cultural Curating
In Five Easy Lessons?”

Because I’d sign up
Just to join the Conversation.
To get to talk to You
And have You listen.

Because you’d have to be Someone
  to say Something
       to Everyone