I’m too busy to learn. Yeah … that’s it.

I have decided to work more as a writer, which means that I’m very busy these days.

There are Google calendars to fill with all the sections of my day, each task making small and large rectangles of importance. If I can make all the boxes of tasks touch each other, I think I win. Right?

And then they’re brainstorming sessions that i need to get in before I officially start my workday. I mean, when a schedule like mine gets going, who has time to THINK. I gots shit to do, homie, so I better get that freewheeling dreaming done during my morning coffee – which I only have time for because I skipped that workout and meditation hour. Because, priorities.

Can’t keep working past 5pm, either. It’s been a rough day doing these three assignments, which was only made rougher by having to stretch it out over seven hours. If I don’t watch Netflix and play video games NOW, then when, people, when??

Can I free myself up from my work schedule to do work?